Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Blog,
Whoever came up with the word "blog" would probably be a friend of mine. Speaking of friends, you may think we have never met, but I am pretty sure you know me. You know when you see that shirt in the store and think to yourself, ick!!! Who on Earth would buy that?... THATS USUALLY ME. You know when you think of something super dooper silly to yourself, but you never say it outloud for fear of being made fun of, guess what?..ME AGAIN. I SAY IT OUT LOUD AND YES, I USUALLY GET MADE FUN OF. I'm a daughter, a sister, an employee, I have dated losers, and made a fool out of myself a million times. So let me reassure you, we are friends.... you know me all too well.

My dearest blog (i giggle everytime i say it-blog- hehe!) now that our friendship has been set in stone there are some things to discuss. 1) i dont like to capitalize 'i' im used to Word doing it for me. My grammar and spelling has really gone downhill since technology has increased its presence in my life. My text messaging is in short hand and i rely on red squiggly lines to tell me when something is not right in a document. Its gotten to the point i actually dont know how to correctly spell commonly used words. Its bad. 2) sometimes my brain thinks quicker than i can type leaving many typos... please dont judge me, dear friend. In fact... jump on this typo bandwagon and join the funzies... my favorite so far is 'godo' which is actually 'good" but when i see it, i dont like correcting it because i think its a fun word, better maybe than the word its supposed to be so HA!

Let me tell you, friendly blog, what you and i will be doing through our joyus journey together. We shall talk food. Its one of my favorite things in life. It can make people so happy, feel so guilty, sometimes sexy, or cozy and comfortable.... we can talk tatoos, people, movies, MORE FOOD!!! and my 2010 project. I posted a huge canvas over my bed and every day i draw something. Its 365 days of doodles!

Sidenote- Hearts. I see them everywhere!

I hope you are looking forward to this as much as i am. I will try to update you dear blog on or before every tuesday! Oh-snap, cant type anymore its American Idol time, gonna go grab some salty popcorn and a diet coke, cuddle up with the pup and have what i consider to be one hell of an evening.

The End.
Me- Mouse Pants

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  1. I am surprised to see that your position on toads didn't make it into your profile. Congrats on getting your blog up and running!