Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Spring coming to Cleveland?

ok.... Saturday sun creeps in through the window at an early 7 am. Birds are eagerly rehearsing their latest musical creation, in my head i invision delicate cardinals and blue jays dancing on twigs to broadway hits from Cats, terribly ironic and equally funny! I digress..... This early morning wake up call would on any other occassion aggravate the heck out of me but not today. No-Today i woke up and it was sunny out.... it looked deceivingly warm out side. Those birds were rehearsing a familiar tune and would'nt you know it, i smiled! I quickly thought about prematurely busting out the flip flops (after all its a much easier option than having to search around for matching socks... see previous post) but i just as quickly remembered these days from the past. I wear the flips a little too soon and the untanned, somewhat disheveled winter feet get a little bitten by the cold air. too soon, i say to myself, too soon! Could it be though? Is spring coming to Cleveland?

Dear Clevelanders,
Dont be disheartened...There are many out there that question our love for this great city especially when it comes to our harsh wintery weather. Why on Earth would someone want to live there, they ask.... You know what i say to those people? Well for starters, ill let you imagine what i would say only because i have some PG readers !!!.... but then i remind people of this.... i woke up this morning and i saw the sun. Not a blazing sunlight reminiscent of the carribean, Just a shy sun beam that peaked its way through some hazing clouds and peered right into my window. It wasnt 80 degrees outside, instead it was a mere 40 or so... but warm enough to make me ponder flip flops...warm enough to 86 the North face and opt for just a vest instead, and enough to completely melt the snow from my driveway so that i could finally see the pavement! There is a particular joy to be had from living in Cleveland and truly appreciating days like this. The changing of the seasons...but not just any season, enjoying the exit of north east winter with an ease into the sunny days of spring and summer on Lake Erie! Sure, we will probably get one more snow storm before we are truly done with the winter.... what doesnt kill us only makes us stronger, right? While DC is shut down unable to operate under a few inches we shake our heads in disbelief, they have never had to deal with lake effect!!!
Rest assured my dear neighbors, this morning I waved at spring and it waved back... and i just wanted you to know!

Me Mouse Pants

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