Tuesday, March 23, 2010

thank you.

Dear new car smell, fresh bath towels still warm from the dryer, tanlines, refreshing margaritas on a hot summers day, school supplies in August, first dates, awkward first kisses, stop-you-in-the-moment third kisses, windy spring days that totally mess up your hair, fresh flowers on the table, the feeling you get when your team wins, hot pizza and cold beer, big screen TVs, iTunes gift certificates, the produce section of the grocery store, the perfect pair of broken in shoes, bacon, new books, great compliments, stupid jokes, bad habits, leather coats, watching Twister when its storming outside, brand new box of crayola crayons, jeans that fit, clean teeth, new haircuts, a mans forearms, best friends that you can tell everything, butterflies in the air.... and in your stomach, paychecks and promotions, bobbleheads, rollercoasters, the sound of people laughing so hard that it makes you laugh just listening to them, swingsets, clear nights with lots of stars, planning vacations.... and taking vacations, palm trees, cook outs, football games in the mud, scars with good stories, first snows, Christmas presents, wedding invitations, sleeping puppies, freshly washed bed linens, having someone to share your bed with, boardgames, little kids in halloween costumes, fortune cookies with something good to say in them, fireplaces, hotdogs at a baseball game, comfortable underwear, Penn Station french fries and lemonade, catalogs in the mail, television premiere excitement, real maple syrup, a good morning stretch that makes you moan, Sharpie markers, those round ice cubes with the holes in them, late nights, early mornings, the meal after a hangover, the turning point when you realize your sibling isnt your enemy but rather a good friend,using coupons or getting a great deal, road trips, funny blogs, sweat pants and hoodies, great parents, feeling appreciated, random acts of kindness, smiles, photo albums found when youre supposed to be cleaning, and so much more......,

Thank you.

Love, Me Mouse Pants

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