Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Dear Pink,
I never used to like you pink... so girlie. Barbies wear pink, they even drive a pink corvette, WHO BUYS A PINK CAR?... i mean really, unless you sell Mary Kay, its unnecesary. New born baby girls wear pink, mom and dad probably do this just to convince cheek pinchers that their baby is in fact a girl other than just a new born neutra-sex alien, which is what most babies look like, though no one ever says so...Its, ok- I'll be that person!
Yep.... i used to associate pink with all things girl, and for whatever reason even though i am a girl, that color just really ticked me off. To me it was weak.... It was bland- like toast without anything fattening smeared on top....just icky. UNTIL TODAY. When thinking about what to write about today i simply asked a good friend of mine what her favorite color was... she said PINK!!! So i stopped and thought a moment. Is there anything cool that is pink?
Well my friends like the great large-mouth-rockstar Steven Tyler once said "You can be my flamingo cuz pink is the new kind of lingo" (yah i dont really know what that means either but roll with it)
some cool pink stuff-
a perfectly cooked center of a steak, bubblegum, old scars, sunburn, salmon, breast cancer awareness ribbons, the singer, lucious lips, pigs, the Pink Panther, cotton candy,pepto bismol, amazon river dolphins, Pink Floyd, pink lemonade, expensive diamonds, roses, Portuguese Man-of-War (eat that barbie!), beach glass, conch shells, pinky fingers and pinky toes (why do we call them that anyway?), hot dogs, lingerie, early sunrise skies and sailor's delight evenings, rose fiestaware, sprinkles, human muscles, pink iguanas, tuesdays in Thailand, the french academic dress for those who graduated in the field of medicine (thank you google), The Pink Ladies, Pretty in Pink, a symbol of joy and happiness, the playboy bunny, Jem's hair, "girls in white dresses with pink satan sashes", blushing because you are embarrassed, blush makeup in case you are pale and need color, blush wine, undercooked bacon, Nigel's belly, kitten's noses, erasers, the kind of sucker you always choose when you dont know what flavor it will be!
then of course there is also pink eye...but thats not even an ounce of cool.
So my dearest pink i guess you are not so bad.
never have i racked my brain so diligently in a day over a color. Perhaps tomorrow i shall ponder on purple... who knows!
The End.
Love, Me Mousepants


  1. Just wait until you have your own little bundle of pink baby--- it won't be so alien....