Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lex Ploda

There once was an ant
His name was Lex Ploda
On hot summer days
He swam in pools of spilled soda

He was quick, he was nimble
He was small, and he was a pest
One day I was outside
And I saw Lex on my chest

I squirmed and I squiggled
I swiped him off with my hand
Lucky for Lex
He ran under the trash can

Days went by
Lex was not seen
Though his friends had been sited
In the grass, shaded by green

Smart his friends were
But smart, Lex was not
While his friends sat in shade
Lex just got hot

So he took a long journey
And made it into my house
Sitting cool in A.C.
Quiet as a mouse

Oh he thought he had won
Saw a clearing through fog
That was until
He met his match in my dog!

When Nigel met Lex
He wanted to play
His body perked up
As if just to say,

C’mon Lex
Lets do this man!
You run and ill chase
Of this game, Im a fan!

Lex ran in circles
Not sure what to do
He almost got caught
In sloberry dog goo

He zigged and he zagged
Zlogged and ziggled
(yah I don’t think they are words
But they made me giggle)

Nigel’s pawsCame down
Quick, with a thud
If Lex could poop his pants
He’d been sittin in mud!

When those paws came down
It sure was close
but the paws never got him
it was Nigels Nose

sucked him up
in a nostril deep
startled even Nigel
splurged into a leap

not sure what happened
stood blank, shook it off
wiped snot from his face
and gave a good cough

Nige looked around
Searching for his play mate
But Lex was gone
Headed to the white gates

As quick as it started
It was done
Nigel walked away
To find other fun.

A good ant died that day
But I don’t care one iota
Shoulda learned form your friends and stayed outside
Goodbye little Lex Ploda!

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