Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ice Cream

Dear Ice Cream,

I fear i have been using you for many years. Truth is, i like whipped cream a lot and i find no other occassion to use it but for ice cream. Sure, sometimes my purist nature comes out and i secretly open the refirgerator door and spray it directly into my mouth but there are those people out there that find that appauling (like Moms) so i try to refrain from doing that too often. Ice cream has become a mere vehicle to aid in my whipped cream consumtion. You know, come to think of it you are a sidekick to many things.... my peanut butter addiction, CHERRY CONE DIP!!, those sweet little cherries, and who can deny those rainbow sprinkles? I am really sorry for ever having led you on! Thank you for making it possible to eat whipped cream in large quantities and get away with it. And if it werent for you Oreo Cherry Cone Dip blizzards would not be possible and for that in itself i thank you dearly!
The End!

Me Mouse Pants

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