Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cake and Bobble heads

Dear Cake,
You let me down a lot. You look so pretty, especially when you are adorned with those delectable looking flowers, i always want to eat that part of you first. But you are inconsistent and you can never please everyone. There are those that like the frosting and those that dont. or if you are like me, you like a very particular kind of frosting (my favorite is from Dicks Bakery in Berea, Oh.. just saying...) then there is the cake, some want it in layers, some want chocolate, some want marble, some even like it with custard and strawberries. the pairing is important. Ratio of cake to frosting is also important! Cupcakes are best, the ratio is nearly perfect (not to mention i do better with portion sizes!! LOL)
Today at work a birthday cake was cut at about 10 o'clock in the morning. i tried to remind myself how often i am disappointed by the cake, trying to convince myself it wasnt worth letting it get to my thighs just to be later disappointed. By noon-thirty i couldn't take it any longer. Im telling you, it was the flowers that did it. The hungry monster was cleverly dressed up in frosting roses and was tapping at my tastebuds.. saying "let me in let me in"... and i had to oblige! End Result= DISAPPOINTMENT!
I am writing this to you now so that maybe next time i will remember. I dont need the cake.... i dont really even want the cake... i just like the idea of the cake. The end
Me Mouse Pants

Dear Bobble heads,
You have such a little body and such a big head. You look funny and disproportionate. You are always stuck in some awful pose and you never look much like the person you were made to imitate. Regardless of all your oddities, i love you! You are a brilliant marketing device, especially for sports teams and athletes. You are my desk buddies and without you i think my work day would be incomplete and boring. That is all!

Me Mouse Pants

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