Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Funerals,dog poop on your shoe, burns, papercuts, hang nails, dirty snow, smelly farts that make you gag, flat tires, runny noses, stuffy heads, allergic reactions, anxiety, having a crush on someone and finding out they dont feel the same way about you, dentist appointments, zits, hot flashes, running out of toilet paper at the wrong time, twisted ankles, the feeling you get when your team loses, valentines day without a boyfriend....any holiday without a boyfriend, finding out you are one egg short of a recipe when you are already more than half way through, long days at work, sun burn, mean words, stubbed toes, traffic jams, stupid drivers, hot days with no air conditioning, cole winters with high gas bills, bills in general, corn stuck in your teeth, ripped jeans, sterotypes, dust, putting away clean clothes after doing laundry, hangovers, guilt, kids on leashes, babys in bars, stains, the smell of worms after it rains, blisters, being told you are wrong, over achiever kiss ass people, nails on a chalkboard, 2 star days, bad table manners, sloppy kisses, bad teeth, nose hairs, pens that dont write well, expired food, losing lottery tickets, screaming/crying babies, feeling fat, pickles, toads, snakes, bees, mosquito bites, shaving, and so much more...
I am not a fan.
Love, me Mouse Pants.

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