Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great Lakes Christmas Ale

Dear Great Lakes Christmas Ale,
You are the most tantalizing delicious example of evilness that exists. You lure drinkers in with your limited time only- bitter beer ...robust with cinnamon and nutmeg flavors consistent with the Christmas name. Spicy, sweet, cold, and comforting. But what even the seasoned drinker seems to overlook is the potency of said treat. Its no lite beer. AFter one, you get chatty. Stories become bigger and better than before. After two, Inappropriate text messages start and you are pretty much done for. If you make it to three, your mind will get foggy and tomorrow is going to be a rough day. When someone tells you they had Christmas Ale the night before you can be sure there is a good story to follow! Teeth get knocked out, people dance on bars, people that should never dance, do and bad decisions are often made!
Clevelanders know....we look forward to it. Myself, like many more, find out the realease day (Usually the first week of novemeber) and when that day comes its a race to see who has it on tap and what stores are selling it. Of course during Christmas its important to consume Christmas Ale when you can because it runs out so quickly. But sometimes.... just sometimes... there is some lonely bar in the middle of no where that has some in April. I should warn you that when you find said place that has 6 Christmas Ales left to sell, that doesnt mean YOU HAVE TO drink ALL 6. just saying....And when you are really lucky, you are able to celebrate Christmas in July at your local pub that saved a keg just for that occassion!Its an addiction, a past time that every Clevelander is well aware of. Even if you dont like it, you know about it. When i see that label of Christmas ornament bulbs, my face lights up! So to Great Lakes Brewery, Thank you for such a treat! The fact that its hard to find only makes it taste better when i do. And TO consumers, be careful and enjoy!
Love, Me Mousepants

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