Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Funny words

Dear funny words,
People always say most words are funny or lose all there meaning if you say them enough. True. But some words, really only need me to say them once and i giggle. Some of my favorite words:
Gerbil, Schnitzel, Fog, Swank, Jello, Onomotopoeia, barf, wiggle, fanny, phlegm, uvula, aglet, poodle, pocket, bucket, dribble, Uranus, zebra, pizazz, trickle, dinky, dingy, crock, sternocleidomastoid, pneumonia, fuzz, smear, schmuck, Tegucigalpa, rutabaga, pumpernickle, crack, poop, Machu Pichu, fungi, lippy, masticate, probability, hooka, and thorn...

Sure, these are only some of my faves, to each their own, i am sure! But the point is, sometimes a bad day is only a sentence or two away from being the most hilarious thing ever!

The fuzzy gerbil from Tegucigalpa and the lippy zebra from Uranus set down their schnitzel and jello right before they barfed their phlegm, from way back beyond their uvulas, right into the swank face of the poodle named Pizazz.

just an example.
The End.
Love, Me Mousepants

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