Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wind Farm

Dear Wind energy,
I remember summer days being a little girl dressed peculiarly in a summer jumper, usually made of terricloth or velvet, whatever sort of fabric was undeniable hideous, heavy, and of the trend. Hot days that, at my age now, would send me into a tizzy and also into the air conditioning, then only captivated me and sent me outdoors to play in the buttercups. I remember having this red foil pinwheel. I dont know where i got it. It was probably all but a dollar. THe front was red and the back was sparkling silver and there was a glitter nob in the middle and it sat atop a sturdy black stick. I remember being so fascinated by how the wind could magically propel its glitening blades. I took it over to my sandbox, its borders cleverly made by an old tractor tire. My sandbox was my retreat. After plucking the buttercup flowers of which i played in early in the day, i would "plant" them in my sand box. Sometimes when i went out to eat at some fancy restaurant like.... Bob Evans, I would take the parsely from my plate (parsely makes it fancy), stash it in my pocket, and go home and plant the parsely in my sand box as well. Usually in well manicured rows, like a veteran farmer. Only if a farmer would reside in my farming world he would be small, like a leprachaun (he probably hid stolen socks in the barn) and he would be pissed that i was planting crops in sand. Anyhow, i proudly erected my pinwheel right on the outskirts of my miniature farm, it blew freely in the wind. Not only did it seem aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it seemed to complete the farm and provide life and energy to its surroundings.
Little did i know that when i was 6 i was on the verge of creating a "wind farm". Now 21 years later here i am reading an article that our Great Lake Erie may play host to a "never been done before" project of off shore wind turbines. Imagine, a set of giant pinwheels, far less glittery, but nevertheless providing joy to millions in the form of kinetic energy. You know that feeling when you see an as- seen-on-tv gadget that seems all to easy to create but BRILLIANT, you think to yourself, "i swear i thought of that", or "why didnt i think of that"...dare i say i should have one of those moments when looking back on my sandbox and pinwheel... maybe its a stretch!
From pinwheels over looking my parsely to turbines looking over Cleveland, wind energy... i welcome you!
Love, Me Mousepants

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  1. The crazy thing is... there was one of those outside my work the other day when I got there. Only, it was blue not red. Strange thing to see outside of a Sheriff's Office!