Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear Taco Bell,
Last i checked your specialty was not seafood. In fact the only "specialty" you have is the special gift of filling drunk peoples bellies with delicious goodness at 3 am! I do not foresee the shrimp chalupa (or whatever it is) going over well. Unless you are one of those weird establishments that has teamed up with another fast food chain that does cook seafood...example, Taco Bell with Long john Silvers, then maybe just maybe it might work out (and yes that partnership really does exist).
While were here talking about these partnerships, lets stop and chat a minute about that.... Its not fair, and its kinda creepy. I am on a long drive i start thinking i want some pizza, i pull off at the rest stop and wouldnt you know it, they have a pizza hut. The pizza hut, however is attached to a KFC, now im thinking i could go for some chicken too, or instead of.. I JUST DONT KNOW. The worst one of them all is Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts.... clearly if im in eaither of those places its been a bad day already. I get there and now i want to make my ass twice as big. the thought actually crosses my mind, i wonder if they would make the sundae ON TOP OF my chocolate covered cream filled fried donut.....
So anyway, Taco Bell i am really just looking out for you because i care about you THAT much! I let those fiesta potatoes slide... they actually ended up being pretty good, but Shrimp, really? that just needed to be talked about! The End.
Looking forward to eating you soon!
Love, Me Mouse Pants

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