Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Tuesday Followers

Dear Tuesday Followers,
Do not think that i have forgotten about you. I apologize if the lack of new material this week angered you or left you lost with no reason to go on (and yes, i like to believe that there are people out there that depend on my blog to live). Please do not fret my pets, i have not left you, i have not given up! Rather, i procrastinated much like most of my highschool and college career and when Tuesday came i asked myself, "self!... do you want to ponder on a topic for hours? or would you rather go out and enjoy this splendidily sunny and warm summer-like day in Cleveland and hope that your faithful readers will understand?" It is clear which answer myself liked best. As a Clevelander i am all too familiar with the inconsistencies of our weather. For all i know it may snow this weekend, or a tornado might sweep me away next week. Who knows. But on Tuesday the sun was shining. I mean really shining. It hurt even through the sun glasses. I got upper lip sweat instantaly just walking outside! People were high off the sunbeams. The air smelled like fresh cut grass and neioghbors i didnt even know i had were out tending to their yards (just to be clear thats a lot of people because i dont really know many of my neightbors. Apparently the era of fresh baked pies and cookies or home made casseroles for new neighbors has passed and instead we only exchange the casual wave in passing by.sad really) At any rate.... the weather is too nice, the sun makes me too happy to sit and be encumbered by blog topics. I assure you i will try harder at pleasing you readers in the following weeks but for now i must go enjoy the new start of the summer season and i encourage you to step away from teh computer as well and enjoy for yourself.
Love, Me Mousepants!

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