Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ten minutes

Dear the-next-ten-minutes-of-my-life-in-thought, (4:49pm)
Do you realize how important punctuation is today... i mean with all the social networking websites and texting alone, you really have to be up on your commas and periods... In no way shape or form am i saying you need to be an english major but to those of you reading --there is a SERIOUS difference between the following: Cool! Cool. COOL Cool :) cool? cool
Why do the erasers on the tops of pencils seldom work? Kind of an evil concept if you ask me. You give me this utensil made for the purpose of being able to "easily" correct my mistakes but you dont give me the tool to do so. Writing is so much like life huh...your mistakes never actually go away...you can always see it behind the residue like a little reminder of what you did wrong. Ouch.
What exactly is the secret behind ranch dressing that makes every single kind just a little different. Seriously a good ranch dressing could make or break a restaurant in my eyes. To date, just for the record, best ranch dressings are found at Max and Ermas, Teamz (out of business), and Alvies.. I am open to suggestions to lengthen my list but i mean seriously. A bit runny is always nice. Maybe some garlic or dill.. something a little extra. Just saying.

Lemons. hahaha.

Kleenex is really the best brand of facial tissue in my opinion. Imitation brands really heart the nostrils. I hate when my nose is raw. You know what other little pains i hate. Paper cuts. EVIL little bastards.. even worse when done with cardboard. Yikes. Or how about mosquito bites...but not just any ones the ones in teh webbing of your fingers or toes... grrrrr. canchor sores. (spelling?) burns. Hangnails. zits in your nose.... dont want to pick at them because they make you want to cry and then sneeze but you just GOT TO! stubbed toes....this wouldnt happen so much if i didnt shuffle my feet when i walk. Im lazy.

Wine goes well with board games. Cigarettes are best enjoyed with cheap beer on Saturdays after football. Dont forget to brush your teeth. and lastly have a good evening

Love, Me Mouse Pants

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