Tuesday, May 11, 2010


You know that time at the highschool dances right when you are all sweaty from grinding and dancing all over the place...maybe you are tired from impressing your friends by doing the worm.... its then that the DJ dims the lights and in his best Barry White voice growls, "time to slow it down now" while some corny love song begins to play.... Its that time folks.... put your giggles aside for a few moments, take a deep breath and come away with me on a sappy little journey of emotion while i pay tribute to the Moms in my life.

When i was of the ripe young age of 22 my parents decided to move away. My Dad got an amazing promotion but it meant that he had to move and the only house i have ever known was sold in an instant. I had to move out and quickly become an adult. Of course when you are 22 and living at home you WANT to move out right? WRONG. At the time i was sad. no more home cooked meals for ONE!!!!...and what if something bad happened, they would be 4 hours away???.... I guess its a little different when you HAVE to move out and you dont have the home sweet home you know of, filled with memories, and also filled with all your childhood belongings that coudlnt possibly fit into your apartment....When you dont have that to come home to every now and then, tis not so fun! I was less worried about what color combination to decorate the kitchen in and more concerned with my emotional state of mind.
Of course in the next year so many things happened. I quit a job, i got in a car accident, i nearly got my hand blown off by a firework, i got the flu, i had a bird in the house, i gained weight, i got a flat tire, heck, i even graduated from college. i learned a LOT. But, one of the greatest things i learned is that while my Mom is clearly the best mom on the planet and number one in my book, i have a lot of other moms to thank in her absence.

Dear Moms (I mean birth moms, friends Moms- that you just call Mom, Aunts,Grandmas, Gay Uncles, best Friends, teachers, nurses, Counselors,random elders along the way, co-workers and pretty much anyone with big hearts and motherly tendancies,
Thank you for all that you do. For the home cooked meals. (Mom food is the best food)Food is always better when someone else cooks it. Its even better when it comes from the heart and invovles cheese or starches and lots of fat! Thank you for the gauze, medical tape, advil, tylenol, flu medication, and occassional diagnoses of mysterious aches, pains and diseases (not excluding that of bad gas, simple bug bites, pms or even a broken heart). Thank you for teaching me over and over again how to tell when my chicken is cooked all the way through, and assuring me that i will not die from my yogurt being one day passed its expiration date. Thank you for asking me again and again where my coat is when i run through the front door shivering with just my hooded sweatshirt on. Thank you for putting a blanket over me when i fall asleep on the couch. Thank you for telling me i am pretty even though im sure i look like shit thats been run over by a tractor. Thank you for sending me home with leftovers. Thank you for giving me hugs. Thank you for always making sure i have toilet paper in the house. For reminding me to get gas. For making me an Easter basket. For sending me a birthday card. Thank you for being home and next to a computer when i call and ask for directions somewhere. Thank you for including me on the cheeseball e-mail forwards with angels and quotes that threaten me to send to everyone i know or else ill be cursed for the next 100 years. thank you for sometimes being annoying because i know that no matter how much i cant stand you wiggling your toes under my butt, or licking my nose, or grabbing my fat, or picnhing my cheeks.... no matter what... i would miss that. Thank you for being able to put your finger in the middle of the casserole and being able to tell me if its done or not, its a trait that i am convinced only Moms possess. Or the miraculous way you can tell if i have a fever by pressing your lips to my forehead. Thank you for learning how to text just because you know its a better way to communicate with me, i know you hate it. Thank you for doing my laundry when you come to visit and being the only person i know that can organize my closet with an hour to spare and a few baskets of extra hangers and a garbage bag. Thank you for teaching me how to get stains out of clothes. Thank you for cutting out coupons you think i need. Thank you for calling to check on me after a bad storm or to warn me of a storm. Thank you for having air conditioning in August when i didnt. Thank you for repairing my lost buttons and broken zippers. Thank you for telling me time and time again that i am amazing. Thank you for hating my ex boyfriends even though you loved them when we were together and then for assuring me that in time i will find the perfect guy for me. You not only take care of me, look out for me and understnad me, but you are always there for me and know exactly what to say when i need you the most. Thank you for everything!!!!
The great thing about Moms, is that you never doubt how much they care about you. Even when you think you dont need them, you really do. you always will. To my Mom, and all the other Moms that have helped me along the way, thank you!
Love, Me Mouse Pants

.....and yes, i cried while i wrote this.

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