Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It is not uncommon to find that your favorite drink,toy, bicycle, shirt, shorts or shoes are also made with a pink design to promote breast cancer awareness and support the charitable cause. The pink phenomenon is everywhere. How great is it that a charity has become a trend? Something cool to be a part of. Young women are now proudly displaying their Save the Tatas shirts. And ladies young and old gear up every year to participate in a 3 day, 60 mile walk that helps to raise millions of dollars for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
With all that said, let me preface todays blog by saying, i completely support the Susan G. Komen Foundation and i think that it is truly amazing how men and women are coming together to show a tremendous amount of support.
Dear Women,
THE NUMBER ONE KILLER OF WOMEN EVERY YEAR IS HEART DISEASE. THE NUMBER TWO KILLER OF WOMEN EVERY YEAR IS CANCER (NO SPECIFIC KIND) AND THE NUMBER THREE CAUSE OF DEATH IS STROKE, ANOTHER HEART RELATED CAUSE. Every year the American Heart Association, sponsers, supporters and volunteers like myself work very hard to educate people and raise awareness of this statistic. Their mission is to build healthier lives, healthy lives that will be free of cardio vascular disease and stroke. We raise money for research through events and efforts such as Heart Walks- which encourage people to get out and take walks to strengthen their hearts and also through the Go Red for Women movement. Go Red is a passionate initiative for women of all ages to take control of their heart health. You may be familiar with the red dresses!!! IF not, e-mail me and i can get you a pin!
Heart disease was too commonly reffered to as an old mans disease for many many years. Something like 55% of women are unaware that heart disease is the number one cause of death for females. Its because of this majority that women are going untested and i just wanted to take a moment to educate the few that might read this blog!
Care about your heart!
And if you are not a woman, surely you have a mother, a sister, a friend, a cousin, aunt, wife or girlfriend that you care about!
I dont support this cause for just any reason....
I support it because my Mom has heart disease.
and i support it because i am a woman and i care about my heart.
So just remember next time you see the pink stuff in the store.. Yes, very important to save the boobies (we all like em) but perhaps you will also remember that blog written by some nobody. Maybe i wont get your money but i might save your life.
Me Mousepants

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