Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Dove Chocolates

Dear Dove Chocolates,
Not only do your smooth chocolate candies fill my heart with joy and make my tastebuds sing songs of pleasure but your wrappers are pretty awesome too. In times when chocolate seems to be the only drug to cure my lonely heart or the cure all elixir to an awful day you just put the frosting on the cake by adding messages to your foil dream covers!Like a motivational speech in 10 words or less. My Monday was eased by the following messages:
Indulge in the moments that matter the most- Thank You Nicole from Williston, FL
When you give with joy, joy is your reward- couldnt agree more, Ida from Landing, NJ
Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.- Amen, Kallana from So. Richmond Hill, NY
Say "i love you everyday to your loved ones"- great reminder, Donna from Grand Junction, CO
and from the lady in Columbus, whose wrapper token i have lost, Look for love in unexpected places.

Thank you to those who donated their words of wisdom to the Dove company.
on a Monday morning when my eyelids hang heavily over my eyes, when my mind ceases to work on what it should but instead wonders to thoughts of anything but productivity and i need a sweet treat to accompany my morning coffee. When the boy doesnt call me back and im pretty sure i have gotten phased out. When my schedule proves to be too much for my friends and family to bear. When it seems everyone else around me is being annoying and i just need a moment of peace...Or shoooot- when im just hungry and craving something sweet. thank you for making my heart and tummy smile!
Love, Me Mousepants

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