Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Empty stomach. Cheesy involuntary smile painted across my face. The urge to sway back and forth and sing motown songs or Glee music at the top of my lungs. Dancing. Figiting. Toe tapping. did i mention that stupid childish grin still painted on my face. Ocassional blushing and flushing. Giggles and Fog. Did someone just ask me a question? Trembling hands. Its like my body is being taken over by the bubblies of a freshly opened can of soda! I feel like I could run a marathon..... or throw up , im not sure which will come first! Im pretty sure my arm pits are sweating. Yep, i just checked. my face feels sunburned but im pretty sure the heat is just the blood rushing to my head. like a kid in a candy store, or the anxiety of the first day of school. the smile just will not go away. When i try to hide it it only turns into a laugh or even worse a hideous chuckle that begs people to ask why i am so happy. dare i tell them the truth? word vomit. check my fly for the umteenth time, im good. I think i will skip down the hall way now. Luther Vandross plays melodical tunes while i day dream in slow motion. inspired. happy. cute. butterflies.
Dear Tuesday,
I have a crush on you.

Me Mouse Pants

1 comment:

  1. You've described it beautifully!
    Crushes are such fun!! ;)