Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,
I wake in the morning in a shivering cold wrapped tight like a fajita in the warmth of my comforter like its my toasty tortilla. Because of the shorter days the 6 am hour shows no sign of sun yet. My window is wide open and the cool fall air meanders through the room and dances with my curtains taunting my sleepy and confused pup. I just want to stay snuggled up in bed. When the sun decides to wake up with me, it yawns and stretches through ominous clouds. They are big, bubbly, and a deep beautiful grey, if grey can even be considered beautiful.
There is something so particular about a fall day. The sound of crispy fallen leaves that scurry across the sidewalk, and that get caught under my heavy feet.The smell of nature or better yet, the smell of autumn treats...pumpkin pie, baked apples, warm casseroles, caramel apples,apple cider, the last of your gardens vegetables, stews and soups, pies and more! Pumpkins, Mums and corn stalks begin to decorate local neighborhoods only until the season allows for the turn to Jack-o-lanters, cob webs, and creepy ornamentation! The afternoon temperature is perfect allowing me to fully enjoy my cozy hooded sweatshirt and worn in jeans.Or should the day allow it, perhaps a friendly game of football is in order. If not to play- then to watch. The end of baseball, the best of football and the preseason start of basketball!
When the night falls haunted houses call. Hayrides. Mazes. Pumpkin Patches and ghost stories. And i cant forget the glory of fall television! Welcome back good tv!!!
When the stars play peek-a-boo in the midnight sky my comfy tortilla welcomes me home and cradles me nicely once again. I turn the television on to a new favorite show and my wound up puppy comes to join my fajita party! My day dreams turn into bedtime stories to help me fall asleep. Day afer day these fall days paint a smile on my face with its warm color pallette and delicious taste creations!
Autumn, you make buying school supplies fun and haunted houses worth looking forward to. You make apples delectable treats and dead leaves into beautiful pictures and kids wonderlands. You make me want to cuddle. You make me want to eat.
Dear Autumn, i love you. Thank you!

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