Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesdays are back and Life will work out!

It was a Saturday afternoon, after fotball (of course). I was with the team at our favorite watering hole just "monkeying around" when a friend of mine stopped up to see us. She doesnt come around often and doesnt play football so getting to see her is always a treat! We usually talk about our dogs and dream about Ben and Jerry's ice cream (she likes chubby hubby, and fish food), and that day was no different... Except after those conversations were done, and about 2 pitchers of cheap beer later, and screaming over the loud music, we got to talking about life. She was telling me a story about a past relationship of hers and we baffled in thinking of how much different her life would be right now if that had actually worked out. She smiled... her ridiculously pretty smile... and told me that life has its way of working out and assured me it wasnt necessary for us to worry about it so much! Holy guacamole batman! Never ever was i expecting on a cold winters day after football to be drinking beer at a bar and also getting probably the best advice ever at a time in my life when i needed to hear it most. Of course that revelation didnt come to me until almost a week later. And has since, brought me back here. For months my blog sat stagnant, as did i , without anything passionate to write about. Its funny...inspiration often presents itself in the most random of ways.

With all that said.... Dear Tuesdays,
I am back. and life WILL work out. Break ups happen, and they suck. Whether they happen on a tuesday or on Valentines day, it hurts. Sometimes your jeans don't fit the way you want them to. Sometimes that fit is your fault and sometimes it's the pants, damnit. So what if you want to eat an extra cookie, eat it! Guess what... it snows in Cleveland in April. But in case you forgot, sometimes its 70 degrees in October too. Men have hearts (contrary to popular belief) and girls can be cruel.
Worrying about my pants size, how many cookies i eat, the weather, the long drive , traffic, and more often than not...if i will ever find prince charming, is only taking up time and energy. time and energy i could be putting into working out, listening to music in the car and pretending to be a professional singer, enjoying a pretty snowfall even if it its in June, or going out on bad dates that make for good stories. My friend is right, its time to stop worrying, Life has a way of working itself out.
Thank you friend.

Me Mousepants

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