Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear people that make me happy!

Dear Whoever is listening:
No need for me to over dramatize anything today or dive deeply into any heated topics. In the time that I have been away from my blog I have had a ton of awesome moments, a couple of first kisses followed by some new bruises on the old ticker. I have had some embarrassing moments. I have been sick. But more notably than anything, I have been happy. So today id like to pick on the people that make me happy because i know deep down inside, they like being talked about! Here is why you guys make me happy.

My brother has been my roommate for ohhhhhhhhhhhhh almost 28 years and wouldn’t you know it, i still like the guy. There is something to be said about a brother/sister/roommate relationship that can last that long. He makes me happy because he answers my stupid questions usually without a roll of the eye. He also eats so healthy from the hours of 8am to 9pm.. After that he is capable of consuming a number of unhealthy treats but usually its as simple as finishing off a container of Jif with a spoon! Makes me happy.

My Mom is a character. She has a way of using the same words or stories over and over again and then I find myself using them later on. Grrrr. She can organize anything. When she makes my bed I sleep better. And don’t even get me started on her food! Mom makes me extremely happy.

My Dad tells the best stories, mostly because he gets himself involved in some good stories. He tells good jokes. He swears when necessary. He reminds me a lot of his Dad only with smaller ears. He takes me fishing. He teaches me stuff. He is probably the best man on the planet. So obviously, he makes me happy.

Jaclyn. I mean she is my "person". I sometimes dont get why exactly we are best friends when she is so classy, intelligent and stylish...that is, until we hang out and can have a great day eating cheese cubes in our sweat pants watching tv and being completely idiotic. When they ask me on an emergency form who to contact that is not family... insert Jaclyn's name there. She has crazy OCDs that make me laugh. And She has pretty hands. She makes me happy.

Lucas. Because he makes jaclyn happy.

Gretchen is a free spirit. My favorite thing about her is that we tend to go off on the most random topics and get trapped in one of those laughing epidemics. I love it. When Gretchen is happy, it makes me happy.

Lauren and Ryan- They make me feel like family. If i were to fall down and break a leg, Ryan would make sure i am ok and Lauren would go into Mom mode. She'd first call mark, and then probably Jaclyn... because she just KNOWS! Then when i am ok we would go get some ice cream! They are nerdy and sporty and we share a love of under armor. Plus they are so in love. Seeing the two of them happy together just makes me smile and having their friendship makes me uber happy!

Anne- makes great sausage dip and can conjure up a mood lifting lecture on a whim. Plus she is little. I want to keep her in my pocket.
Sarah- she is friends who whoever she wants to be friends with. She hangs out on her own terms. She is the best event planner I know! She stays away from drama and always always knows how to have a good time
Kelly- she bakes stuff with alcohol in it. Enough said.
Annie- her laugh
Jodie- just funny. And a great football player!
Christine and Stacy- dynamic duo of awesomesauce. Impossible to not smile when they are around.
Robert the animal- gives the best hugs and grows awesome facial hair. Whats not to love?
Brian- sweetheart with a strong liver. I trust him more than id like to admit.
Jon- just funny. Always goes above and beyond when it comes to team jerseys or uniforms!
Computer Guy- he is cute and bald, need I say more?
The people I work with. I like to think of the attorneys I work for a lot like the 7 dwarfs only there are like 10 of them. They each have a characteristic but I love them regardless. Witty, Sneezy, Screamy, Professor, Jokester, etc etc….
Jill- she is the straight A student, the OCD, the best nails, the best cake, the best parties, the top dawg!
Meg- fixes everything.
Karen- best boss . She makes me feel like home when im around her and I can tell her just about anything!
Joe Thomas- because he loves Cleveland and he looks GOOOOOD in Cleveland.
Jason- he is the best texter plus he loves scary movies and superheros.
Sammi Butler- most talented young girl I have ever met. She is my personal therapist. And she kicks POTS’ butt.
Megan- One of my best friends. Just an over all good human being with a warm loving personality and the most accepting fun loving family! The world could use a few more Megans.
Brittany- She gives good compliments and always makes me feel good about myself.
Mary- she may talk about herself 90% of the time but when you really need her for that other 10% she is there for you without question.
Jose- I don’t talk to him as much as id like but he is still my superman.
Adam S.
Mike the concession stand guy in my building.
The ladies at planned parenthood.
Zac Brown.
The people who invented post it notes, the microwave, air conditioning and beer.
Berea High Marching Band
My parking guys.
Dave and Kathy
Jan and Ken

Ok there are probably 10,000 people I am forgetting. But my point is, I have a lot of people in my life that make me happy. Try to focus on that once in a while. See what you can come up with!

Bam! Mousepants signing off!

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